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Answer the following question then reply to at least one person who has a different point of view than yours and one person who has a similar point of view. Your replies should address why the responses are correct or you think the responses may not be correct.

How do foramen and processes found in/on bones aid in joint function?

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In the anatomy that we study, the foramen is a hollow archway that is located at the end of the bone.  It is located in many different bones throughout the body.  Its job is to allow vascular vessels and nerves to allow blood supply and innervation to the bone. For example, when I dislocated my hip, I disrupted the neurovascular bundle that supplies nutrients and blood supply in the head of my right femur. The processes allow for the attachments of tendons and ligaments to bones.  With these attachments, the processes provide joint stability during weight-bearing and non-weight-bearing activities.  These processes are located in various different places throughout the body.  The main example I like to think of is the shoulder process.  The shoulder process connects the rotator cuff from the shoulder blade to the humerus. 


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