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For Component #3 of the portfolio, you will:

  • Think about all of the ideas, theories, research studies, social issues, and case studies we have explored throughout the semester, then 
  • Answer the following questions. 
  • Your response to each set of questions should be be about one paragraph long (approximately 5-7 sentences) for a total of 3 paragraphs.

1. What is the number one social justice issue, contemporary cause, or political movement that is most important to you? Describe the issue/cause/movement and explain why it matters to you. Then, explain how MGMT 640 helps to change or deepen your awareness of this issue.

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2. What can you do to get more involved with respect to this issue/cause/movement? How can you inform others of why this issue/cause matters to you and why it should perhaps matter to them? What are some opportunities for volunteering or service-learning that you could participate in that are related to this issue/cause? What long-term commitments are you willing to make to have an impact in this area? Be specific.

3. What kind of career/industry do you see yourself pursuing? How would you determine whether or not an organization is a good fit for you with respect to your JEDI values? How might you influence the organization to care about the cause/movement you described above, regardless of the position you hold?

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