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 You are going to be a filmmaker for the day.  Select an event from your life that you would like to portray on film and write a detailed script of what it would look like.  Remember to describe camera angles, panning shots, lighting, characters, and dialog to the film.  You must be specific to receive credit.  Don’t just tell the story–describe how it will look on film.  Your film script should have a beginning (setup and/or event(s) leading up to the main event), a middle (the main event, fully-developed), and an ending (a conclusion that wraps up the story — how did it end?  What happened right after it or because of it?)  Make sure to format your film script like the example film script 

Fishing Out Back

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TONY sits at his computer near the end of another long Skype call with his clients and

coworkers. Warm afternoon sunlight is filtering cross the desk from the right through the

plantation shutters on his office windows overlooking the lake out behind the house. The

camera angle is a view over Tony’s left shoulder and is focused on the top of his desk with

the computer and Skype window visible on screen. There are 5 others on the call.


Well thanks guys! This has been a fruitful meeting. I’m looking forward to your update next Wednesday, David! Cheers all! Bye!

His son, MATTHEW, enters the room carrying a rod and reel.


Are you done now? Can we go now, Dad?


I’ve been ready for hours. These calls sure to take up a lot of time. Do you

have all of the tackle ready?


Well sorta. Yours is ready, but for some reason my reel looks like it’s broken.


What do you mean broken?


Well the swivel thingy is attached to the pole where I left it, but the top of the

pole is broken off and just dangling.


Let me see it and we’ll see what we can do…

TONY takes the rod and reel from MATTHEW and inspects the end of the rod. It has broken

off at the second eyelet.

TONY Yep, that sure is broken, but I’ll bet we can fix it well enough for tonight so we can still go fishing. Let’s take it to the workshop.


Establishing shot of a typical household workshop with a table saw, drill press, and a

five (5) foot long workbench in the center. The workbench has some hand tools on it

from the latest project. The camera pans to the door where TONY and MATTHEW

enter and make their way to the workbench. The lighting overhead is from several LED strip lights, and they are giving off a daylight glow.


TONY places the rod and reel on the workbench with the reel away from both of them. He

picks up the end of the rod and inspects it again. The camera angle is from about the middle

of the workbench towards TONY and MATTHEW who are standing almost shoulder to

shoulder at the end of the workbench. TONY flexes the end of the rod to check its stiffness.


That’s what I thought. We can make this work for tonight. It will be a little stiffer than you’re used to, but it should work just fine. Hand me those side cutters there, and we’ll just clip the end off right above the second eyelet here and we should be good to go.

MATTHEW hands TONY the side cutters. Tony clips the broken piece of the rod off and puts the side cutters back on the work bench. TONY

Now you can just tie a new swivel onto the line. Remember 7 or 8 wraps around the loop, and it should be nice and tight.

MATTHEW I‘m not sure I remember how to do that. Will you show me again? TONY

Sure… Grab the loose end and slip on the swivel. Hold the line about 6 or 8 inches each side of the swivel.

CLOSEUP. AT THE WORKBENCH This scene starts with a closeup of the end the line from the rod and reel. MATTHEW’s hands are holding the line in two spots with the swivel dangling in between his hands TONY That’s it. Now form a loop with the free end of the line. MATTHEW’s hands form the loop.

TONY Good. Now wrap the free end around the back of the loop seven or eight times.

The camera zooms out to see MATTHEW’s face. He is concentrating hard and counting the loops.

MATTHEW Seeevvvenn, Eight! Got it! TONY

Now put the free end of the line back into the loop you have there just above the swivel.

We watch as MATHEW places the loose end of the line through the loop. TONY

Great! Now slowly pull the two sides of the line apart. That’s it. See the knot getting tighter. Perfect. Now just clip off the excel with those cutters there.

MATTHEW cuts the excess from the line.

TONY That’s perfect. You did a great job. Clip that swivel onto your rod and let’s head down to the dock so we can fish.


TONY and MATTHEW are descending a set of stairs from the lower deck to a small back

yard. The camera angle is a bird’s eye view from above panning from the stairs to take in

the view of the lake and the dock below at the bottom of 3 flights of stairs down the hill.

The light is beginning to pick up the warm amber hues of the golden hour, but the sky is still

a bright blue with some scattered fluffy clouds.

The camera angle then switches to a lower angle from in front of MATTHEW.

MATTHEW (Excitedly)

Do you think we’ll catch a big one today? I really want to catch a big one. That would be AWESOME! TONY I hope so, but we never know. That’s why it’s called fishing. (chuckles)

The camera switches to a view of the lake below between TONY and MATTHEW’s shoulders. The sunlight has a warm, golden glow. TONY

The water looks great tonight. I call dibs on the green kayak! You can have the yellow one. MATTHEW Ah come on, Dad! The green one is set up better for fishing. Can’t I have that one? TONY I called dibs on it, but I let you have it since we lost some time repairing the tackle.

TONY and MATTHEW begin to descend the stairs to the dock below.

The camera switches to a view from over the water looking back at the dock. MATTHEW

is in the green kayak, and Tony is just slipping into the yellow kayak. The green kayak has

several rod holders, and MATTHEW’s rod is sticking out of one of them. He has a small

tackle box strapped to the deck in front of him. He is resting a black and yellow paddle

across his lap.


I’m going to push off and head over to the spot where we had that big bite the other night. TONY OK, I’ll be over there in a sec.

The camera pans to follow MATTHEW slowly paddling out towards the middle of the small lake. The camera then cuts to a series of views of TONY and MATTHEW casting and reeling to express a passage of time. The evening light is getting more golden with each shot, and the sky is beginning to turn shades of pink and purple with the sunset visible as shafts of light, pastel color splash across the clouds. The sun is slowly setting behind TONY and MATTHEW. A fish strikes MATTHEW’s line and bends the tip of the pole he was lightly holding almost to the point of touching the water. TONY Wow! There you go! Set the hook!! Get the tip up! MATTHEW I KNOW, DAD!! That’s a HUGE one! It must weigh 100 pounds! The camera view is from behind MATTHEW as he is reeling and fighting the fish toward his kayak. TONY

There–he’s almost at the surface. I can see him flashing under the water. The camera angle is showing a two to three-pound largemouth bass breaking the surface of the water just a few feet off the front of MATTHEW’s kayak. In mid-flight it spits his lure out and back flips into back into the water. MATTHEW’s pole springs back upright. MATTHEW

Aw man!! He spit it out, but did you see how big he was! And that backflip! I sure wish we’d caught that on film! That was AWESOME!


That was very cool! Mom will never believe us without proof, but we know you had a big one. Well, let’s head back so we can tie up before it gets dark.

The camera view is from the dock towards the two kayaks paddling slowly back to dock. The sun is just setting over the horizon, and the sky is lit up behind TONY and MATTHEW with beautiful, dark shades of purple and rose. The bottom of the clouds appears painted with color, and all of it is reflected in the smooth water of the lake.

INT. DICK’S SPORTING GOODS A FEW DAYS LATER TONY is walking towards the fishing section of Dick’s Sporting Goods. He approaches a display of rods and reels. He picks up a few and pretends to practice casting with each of them. He spots a shiny Zebco 33 with a red racing stripe on the side of the reel. He smiles, picks it up, and starts walking towards the front of the store.

INT. TONY’S HOUSE – FOYER – EVENING TONY walks through the front door with the new rod and reel in his hands. The camera is positioned in the foyer looking towards the front door. The stairs leading up are to the left of the camera.

TONY Matthew, come downstairs. I got you something.

INT. TONY’S HOUSE – KITCHEN – EVENING TONY is sitting at the kitchen table, the new rod and reel propped up against the table next to him. The camera is positioned between the table and the window looking across the kitchen island towards the foyer. The light over the table is on and is creating a warm light in the room. MATTHEW enters the kitchen and walks towards the table. A smile breaks over his face as he sees the rod and reel.


I thought you needed a new one, so we could see if you could have landed that big guy if your rod hadn’t been broken. MATTHEW That’s awesome, Dad! This is AWESOME dad! Thanks! Let’s go out tomorrow night and get him!


(Chuckling) Sure! Or maybe we could try in the morning before work. Let’s get up and be on the water at sunrise.



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