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Conjugating Regular -ER Verbs (Present Tense)

Conjugating Regular -ER Verbs (Present Tense)

Student Note Sheet

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(Repaso de Conjugaciones (Conjugation Review)

· In English, we change the verb form to match the subject of the sentence.

· Ex: (to eat) I eat , she eats , we eat , they eat.

· This change of verb is called a or

· We also conjugate in Spanish, but it is a little more complicated

There are three kinds of verbs in Spanish: ar, er, and ir.

· The original form of the verb to be conjugated is called an or

· There are steps to conjugating verbs in Spanish.

Apuntes (Notes)

1. Take off the ending

1. Ej: Comer= to eat , Leer= , Aprender=

2. This is called the or of the verb.

2. Look at the of the sentence and decide what ending will be used.

3. Attach the matching ending to the

1. Ej: Comer Yo , Tú , Ustedes

Ana , Nosotros , Vosotros

2. This can have three meanings in Spanish: I eat, I do eat, or I am eating

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