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I need a 3 page paper on the ABC model based on this video, youtube search “SCENE 16 Working with a client in a domestic-violence situation” it doesn’t have to be perfect, i only need a rough draft.


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PSYC 315 – Case Assessment and Intervention Planning Paper

ROUGH DRAFT DUE (must be submitted to submit the Final Paper): By 11:59 pm EST on Friday, April 9, 2021 (Week 10). FINAL PAPER DUE: By 11:59 pm EST on Friday, April 30, 2021 (Week 13). WORTH: Rough Draft: 10% of the overall course grade. Final Paper: 20% of the overall course grade. LENGTH: 4-6 pages, NOT counting the title page, appendix, or reference page. PURPOSE OF THIS PAPER: Based on your rudimentary understanding of crisis intervention so far, you will perform a case assessment on an assigned case scenario. Using the ABC Model, a Triage Assessment Form, and research literature, you will develop, propose, and defend an intervention designed to address the particular crisis situation in the case scenario. Your paper will:

• demonstrate your understanding of Kanel’s ABC model,

• provide the rationale for your proposed intervention (why do you want to do this?),

• describe the expected outcome of your intervention, and

• support and defend your decision using crisis theory and clinical research literature (why do you think this will be an effective intervention? What tells you so? Are there alternatives?)

Your proposed intervention should also be sensitive to issues of diversity. DIRECTIONS:

1) You will need to apply Kanel’s ABC model. You may refer to others (e.g. to justify alternative strategies), but the primary focus is to show that you have a thorough understanding of the main model we have been studying.

2) Using the Triage Assessment Form, make your observations of the client in one of the two videos in Blackboard (your choice). For each category, identify specific examples of what made you select each ranking – don’t just check off rankings. For example, if you think the client is demonstrating “marked impairment,” what behaviors or statements convinced you this was the appropriate ranking?

3) Also consider what is NOT said or done, and discuss what else you may have done or said or asked if you were the counselor. Explain your rationales.


4) Find and use a primary, academic resource (e.g. a peer-review journal article, NOT miscellaneous online articles or blurbs and definitely not Wikipedia) that can help you explain and support your approach with this scenario. For example, if a domestic violence scenario is given, you would want to find literature on accepted approaches grounded in theory for such situations. If you do not know how to identify a primary, academic resource, consult with the SUNY Canton library.

5) Conclude with a reflection on this experience of evaluating a client using the ABC Model, the Triage Assessment Form, past personal or professional experience, and other resources you may have used. In this reflection, also imagine that you will be referring the client in the scenario to a colleague for further counseling and provide specific recommendations you would make to this professional colleague about working with this client?

6) Your paper is to be typed and saved in Microsoft Word and in APA format from

beginning to end. Samples to model your work after are available through the Purdue Online Writing Lab, and our Writing Center can help with this too. Basic formatting includes:

• double-spacing

• 1” margins all around

• font style: Calibri, Ariel, or Times New Roman

• font size: 12 point

• numbered pages

• a title page

• headings (not a header – headings!) – for each step of the ABC Model and as

needed for organizational and readability purposes

• appendix – your triage assessment form – must be legible!

• .5” indented paragraphs, with no extra lines between them and aligned left (not

justified). Note: A paragraph is typically about 3-4 short sentences long.

• APA citations of all the outside resources you use (including the textbook)

7) Save your submission as a Microsoft Word document with your last name, first initial,

course title and assignment name (e.g. SmithJ_PSYC_315_Case_Assessment_Paper). If

you use a Chromebook or Apple product, it’s best to download Microsoft Word and

compose in that rather than using whatever similar product you may have been

provided and then trying to save it. See #7 for submission effectiveness.

8) Submit your paper in the designated dropbox in Blackboard by uploading it (“attach file”

command). If your submission is successful, you will see a preview of what you

submitted. Check it to make sure it is the right document and that it looks the way ithttps://owl.purdue.edu/https://owl.purdue.edu/


should. This is what I will see and grade. If it looks bad because the formatting is

messed up, for example, there will be point deductions. You will also receive a

confirmation email. Then you may log out.

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