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Searching and Critiquing the Evidence

Bring to mind the various practice problems you and your colleagues have been considering in this course. What insights might the literature provide with regard to these issues? How should you evaluate the research? And, why is it important to review and critique this information?

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Systematic Reviews: Searching And Analysis Of The Literature
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This Discussion addresses strategies for searching the literature in order to critique existing evidence. Please note that this Discussion is related to Application Assignment #4, which is assigned this week. You are strongly encouraged to read through that assignment now.

To prepare:

  • Review the Walden Library Webinars presented in the Learning Resources.
  • Recall the practice problem and theoretical framework you identified for the Week 5 Discussion. Using the Walden Library and other professional databases, conduct a search and locate four (4) appropriate primary research articles┬»one of which is a systematic review.
  • Review the articles and determine what level of evidence they represent. Using the critique strategies presented in the Learning Resources as a guide, consider how the articles you located either support or weaken the merit of your theoretical framework or the importance of your practice problem.

By Day 3 post a cohesive response that addresses the following:

  • How does the literature strengthen or weaken the merit of your selected theoretical framework and practice problem?
  • What levels of evidence are most prevalent in these articles?
  • Why do you think that level of evidence is most prevalent?

Problem:  The problem issue in this case is minimizing the rate of recidivism in patients with chronic respiratory disease. This is a health condition with requires broad understanding. Thus, knowledge and skills among nurses is essential in ensuring the goal and objective of solving such a problem succeeds. 

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