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Writing Assignment Chapters 13, 6 and 7

Civil Rights, Parties, Campaigns

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1. Locate a current events article from the past 2 years. The event should be related to politics or government policy in the United States. The source must be credible.

2. Summarize the article in your own words.

3. Explain how the article is related to one or more of the concepts in the box below taken from the chapters.

Formatting: 3 pages total

APA 7th title page

One-page single space content (Times New Roman, 12” font, left justified)

In text citations (Author, year)

Separate APA 7th reference page

affirmative action

equal protection clause

women’s rights

hispanic or latino rights

party coalitions

party systems

party ideology

campaign finance

political action committees

primaries and caucuses

electoral college

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