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HFS21500 – Introduction to Health & Fitness SciencesCareer Interview Instructions75 PointsThe purpose of this assignment is to provide you the opportunity to get an in-depth look at the career you are most interested in pursuing with your chosen degree path.  This assignment will help you understand what it takes to achieve your career goal.  You will need to choose a professional in your career field and conduct an interview.  The InterviewThe interview may be conducted in person or on the phone.  In person is ideal as it is more personable and gives you the chance to make a first impression and possible network connection.  However, with the current in-person restrictions, a virtual format such as a Zoom meeting is an acceptable alternative. The interview should focus on a specific career within your field of interest.  The interview is not just about the person, but also about the career and the various aspects of the career.Questions asked should pertain to your field of interest.  Make sure to take detailed notes or you may want to use a recorder if the individual gives permission.  Examples of interview questions are given below. The PaperA cover page with your name, interviewee’s name, their title, and the name of the company/organization.The length will vary depending on the interview but should be typed with 11 or 12-point font, double-spaced, and 1” margins.  Do not type your paper using this document.  Start a new document.  The paper may include part of the actual interview, but the bulk of the paper should be a summary of the interview in your own words, including your thoughts.  If you are directly quoting the interviewee, be sure to use quotation marks. Grammar matters so be sure to proofread your paper for grammatical and spelling errors.Papers are usually best when the topic is of interest to you.  Try to include parts of the interview that you found most important and helpful to your career choice.  Be sure to discuss what you found most intriguing or surprising about the career.To prevent formatting changes, it is best to save the document as a pdf before submitting to Canvas.

Career Interview Questions – Prepare ahead of time and read over the questions prior to the interview.  Show courtesy by arriving on time, or if phone/virtual interview, calling on the agreed upon time.  Do not hesitate to ask the interviewee to elaborate on their answer if you feel your question was not answered.  You can also include questions of your own, you do not have to only use these questions.  The questions also do not need to be asked in the order listed.  Do not type the paper using the numbers associated with the questions.  

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1.   What is their position/title?

2.   What are their job duties?

3.   Who are the customers/clients of the organization?

4.   How and when did they begin their current career?

5.   What education, training, and/or certifications did they need to get this job?

6.   What education, training, skills, certifications (if needed), would they recommend?  

7.   What opportunities are there for entry-level positions in this field?  Is it very competitive?

8.   Is this field growing?  What’s the outlook for the future for a career of this type?

9.   Are there advancement opportunities?

10. What jobs and/or skills would help to get a job like this?

11. What is the salary range for this type of job?

12. How does this career affect their lifestyle (time for family, friends, hobbies)?

13. Would they do anything differently if they could start over with their career?

14. What school and/or community activities would they recommend being involved in & why?

15. Is there anything not asked in this interview that the interviewee would like to provide?

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