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1. This is unclear. How do you define it is efficient or not?

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I’ll explain it later in paper. By disassembling each stage of the supply chain, I understand the smart technology involved in each stage, and then based on the comparison of data, I can see the efficiency when smart technology is not used, and the efficiency when smart technology is used. As shown below (at 6.1 in paper). Based on the efficiency improvement at each stage, then, on the whole, the overall supply chain efficiency will also improve. Comment by hkpuadmin: This only demonstrates it is cheaper. It has nothing to do with efficiency.

Manual workDrone work
Staff needed15 people2 people
Work period15 days6 days
Total expense60000 yuan/quarter40000 yuan
AdvantagesLow input cost and uniform spraying
DisadvantagesLarge investment cost, uneven spraying

2. Should you use fresh food or perishable goods

I am trying to say “生鲜电商平台” in Chinese. I think these two terms are describe the same thing. The fresh food has the perishable characteristics. I prefer to use fresh food.

3. What do you mean by frond-end and back-end?

What I mean is that the side that users can see is the front-end, and the side that users can’t see is the back-end. Take the e-commerce app as an example. What the user can see is the app interface (including the interactive design of the app), and what the user can’t see is the supply system behind the product (including procurement-supply-warehousing, etc.)

4. Do you mean challenge?

Yes, Not all companies can achieve a good front-end that satisfies the user’s app experience, and the back-end can provide service support very efficiently.

5. This is not a study if you only review how it operates.

6. Why doing this? What is the point?

I’ll answer these two questions together. “The purpose of this study is to make readers clearly understand how the supply chain behind the fresh platform operates and what the business image is like at each stage of the fresh supply chain through the analysis of the upstream and downstream of the fresh e-commerce.”

First of all, I want to let readers know the overall process of the supply chain and let them know what the upstream and downstream of the fresh food supply chain are doing. After they have a clear concept of the operation of the overall process, I will talk about the details of each stage. Comment by hkpuadmin: I understand what you meant by this before .. This is why I said this is not a study .. You only review and explain how other is working.

The term business image is not used accurately. I want to talk about how companies are deployed at each stage of the supply chain. For example, in the warehousing stage, I explained which warehousing models are available. And warehousing model A is compared to warehousing model B. Is the cost lower for Mode B? higher efficiency? Why do companies choose B instead of A? All of this is the key to improving the efficiency of the “backend”. Comment by hkpuadmin: This is study .. comparing between different models.

7. This is too general. Platform efficient, do you mean user experience? Number of steps? What is stable management?

The efficiency of the platform can be divided into two aspects. One is the front-end efficiency, which is user experience, user interaction, etc.; the other is the side that users cannot see. Can the platform provide a stable supply of goods? Can the platform guarantee that the logistics will always be delivered within 30 minutes? These are all stable management. Comment by hkpuadmin: You need to make this very clear. I have inventory on hand, but need 3 days to supply , is it stable? Comment by hkpuadmin: This then not related to the platform .. this is the company’s efficiency.

8. What is the goal? Please explain

“so as to achieve the ultimate goal of the enterprise — to achieve user value.”

What I want to express is that companies rely on users to survive, and only if they meet the demands of platform users/consumers can they continue to make profits. Comment by hkpuadmin: If you put profit as the goal … then in your work , you need to demonstrate your suggestion can help company to make profit. At the end, examiners will check if you have achieve your goal …

For example, when a user wants to eat fresh fruit when he just off work, he thinks of the fresh e-commerce platform the first time. why? Because users can place an order in the subway, they receive the fruits delivered to their homes at the same time they arrive home, which is very convenient and fast. For another example, when the user is cooking, he finds that there is no salt, but it is not convenient to go out to buy. At this time, place an order on the platform, and the platform can quickly deliver it to the door. This is the user value, timeliness, and the purpose of users using the platform. Comment by hkpuadmin: Therefore, for this example, it is un-measureable. Then the examiners can say you haven’t achieved your goal and put you as fail. Thus, to protect you, make the goal measureable.

9. ?? do not understand …do you mean core factors?

“this study obtains the most core demand of users for fresh e-commerce platform, namely product quality and delivery speed.”

Take the above example as an example, the core demands of users placing orders on the platform are “home delivery” and “fast”, then the corresponding factor is the user satisfaction factor of “delivery speed”.

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