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Part I – The paper

Please write a short report (single spaced, according to the guidelines below) on the defense mechanisms of prey, which is an adaptation of the prey (found in Chapter 14 in the 9thedition). Turn in the report with captioned pictures to the Dropbox.

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Ecology Prey/Defense About Cabbage
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The report must include:


1. Your name 

Page 1

  1. The name of the organism (scientific and common names)
  2. Geographic region the organism is found (include image)
  3. The predators of the prey organism (include image of predator)
  4. What type of defense mechanism is employed – see textbook for defense mechanism (p. 300-306)
  5. How the organism employs that mechanism

Page 2

  1. 1-2 images of depict the organism with captions and citations (page 2)
  2. 1 image of the predator

Page 3

  1. Literature Cited page in CSE Format 

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