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 Describe the physical, chemical and microscopic examination of amniotic fluid. Also tabulate the normal values of all the parameters used in the examination. 

Grading Rubric for Writing Assignment

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Assigment Assay
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A (1)B ((0.75))C (0.5)(0.25)
1Main ideaClearly presents a main idea and supports it throughout the paper.There is a main idea supported throughout most of the paper.Vague sense of a main idea, weakly supported throughout the paper.No main idea
2Organization: OverallWell-planned and well-thought out. Includes title, introduction, statement of main idea, transitions and conclusion.Good overall organization, includes the main organizational tools.There is a sense of organization, although some of the organizational tools are used weakly or missingNo sense of organization
3ContentExceptionally well-presented and argued; ideas are detailed, well-developed, supported with specific evidence & facts, as well as examples and specific details.Well-presented and argued; ideas are detailed, developed and supported with evidence and details, mostly specific.Content is sound and solid; ideas are present but not particularly developed or supported; some evidence, but usually of a generalized nature.Content is not sound
4Details and ExamplesLarge amounts of specific examples and detailed descriptions.Some use of specific examples and detailed descriptions. May have extended examples that go on for too long.Little use of specific examples and details; mostly generalized examples and little description.No use of examples
5Relevance to the given topic and ReferencesAll relevant and sources of content refered in the documentRelevant but sources not mentionedVery less relevance to the given topic and no sources or references mentionedNeither relevant nor sources mentioned

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