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27 March 2018

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IS Outsourcing LAB

Assignment Background

You are a new manager trainee at XYZSubway.com. Your first assignment is to explore outsourcing alternatives for the development of a new iOS (Apple) mobile app for customers to collect and use XYZSubway coupons. Your Vice President suggested that you propose a plan using freelance software developers from Upwork.com (http://www.upwork.com). The mobile app details are not relevant to this assignment so they are not given in this document. The high-level requirements, on the other hand, are important and are given below:

· Your team’s business analyst estimated that it should take 400 total hours to code this mobile app.

· The following skillsets are essential:

· XCode

· Swift

· Objective-C

· app distribution

· knowledge of phases of software engineering (requirements, design, coding, and testing)

· Object-oriented Programming (OOP)

· understand Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines and UI construction

· experience with iOS APIs and Capabilities

· experience with RESTful API access

· handling JSON and XML

· The following skillsets are desirable but optional:

· Hybrid mobile applications

· Enterprise distribution

· Ionic creator

· OpenShift

· Cryptography, Authentication, and/or other security

· No specific amount of experience is specified.

· Your budget is $20,000 (USD).

· Your dateline is one month from the project start date.

Your Tasks

You are to perform the following tasks:

1. Do some research to uncover best practices for hiring in Upwork (VIDEO HELP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYRq086rrrE).

2. Outline your business process (step-by-step) approach to execute this assignment.

3. Based on the given requirements, outline characteristics of the freelancers you are seeking.

4. Go to Upwork.com (you may have to create a new account), and search and list five freelancers that fit your criteria, and rank them (1-best, 5-worst).

5. Outline the strengths and weaknesses of each freelancer, including cost.

6. Decide who you are likely to hire and state your reasons. Note that you may not want to hire #1 on your list or the cheapest either.

7. Complete the deliverables in the next few pages and submit this word document to canvas.


Activity 1

Based on your research on best practices of hiring in Upworks.com, outline your business process (step-by-step) approach to execute this assignment.

Activity 2

Outline the characteristics of the desired freelancers.

Activity 3

Find five freelancers on Upwork.com that fit your selected criteria. Rank them from 1 to 5 (1-best, 5-worst). Add details of strengths and weaknesses of each freelancer (including total cost).

Activity 4

Decide which of the five freelancers you propose to hire and reasons why.


Developed by Chong Oh, Asst. Professor, Information System & Operations David Eccles School of Business, University of Utah, Utah.

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