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No need to design or anything, just a plain presentation is fine — please include resources and stuff.

Choose any of the topic you want. Choose ONE only and stick with it.

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BCO124-Macroeconomics Presentation Task brief & rubrics


Describe the economic consequences of sudden shifts in either aggregate demand or supply depending on which case(below)you

choose. Use the AD-AS diagram to support your explanations, displaying the shifts and the price and or output effects in as many steps

as you deem appropriate.

Choose one of the following causes:

1. Sudden Aggregated Demand Shock

2. Sudden Aggregated Supply Shock

3. Sudden Aggregated Demand ‘Increase’

4. Sudden Aggregated Supply ‘Increase’

Remember that You need to list the causes triggering any of the above. Choose one of them to explain step by step the effects on AD

and AS. Once the correct explanation has been given, list possible actions that the Government or Central Bank can choose to take

and taking one of these, apply the potential policy effect, explaining the shifts as we did in class.


In your presentation you should:

1. Suppose an economy is in long-run equilibrium.

2. Use the model of aggregate demand and aggregate supply to illustrate the initial equilibrium (call it point A). Be sure to include

both short-run and long-run aggregate supply.

3. Sudden shift depending on the cause you choose above. Use your diagram to show what happens to output and the price level

as the economy moves from the initial to the new short-run equilibrium (call it point B).

4. Now show the new long-run equilibrium (call it point C). What causes the economy to move from point B to point C?

5. Once you have chosen the best policy from your perspective, show the effects in the economy following the steps above.


• Your presentation is individual and should be uploaded in Moodle using Turnitin.

• Avoid any “copy-paste” practice to prevent possible problems of plagiarism.

• Presentation should be between 8 and 15 slides, excluding references.

Submission: April 10th ,2021 – 15:00 CET – Via Moodle

(Turnitin). Weight: This task is a 15% of your total grade for this


It assesses the following learning outcomes:

• demonstrate a deep understanding of classical and Keyne’s economic theories and the long-run economic self-correction

mechanism as well as the application of some monetary and fiscal policies.

• apply macroeconomic terminology and assess macroeconomic policy suggestions.

• evaluate real life situations with a practical application of the acquired tools and knowledge.

Assessment Criteria:

Graphical description 10

Correct explanation of curve slopes 15

Relevant effects and consequences 25

Connection to relevant economic theory 25

Verbal explanations are complete, clear and backed appropriately


Conclusions are clear, and logical 10

Harvard referencing system used 2.5

Presentation respects slide range requested (8-15)


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