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In this assignment you will be exploring communication concepts by analyzing a mediated communication between yourself and a relational partner of your choice (friend, family member, romantic partner, co-worker).


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Reflection Paper #4 (Chapters 8, 9, 10) Mediated Interpersonal Communication Analysis Start Assignment
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  1. Choose a recent computer mediated interaction. This includes text messages, emails, Facebook interactions, SnapChat, Instagram, Skype, or any other form of mediated communication between you and your chosen relational partner.
  2. Analyze the interaction using interpersonal communication principles or theory from Chapters 8 (Emotion), 9 (Friendships & Professional Relationships), and/or 10 (Romantic & Family Relationships). Identify and define the concepts/theories you can see reflected in the communication and discuss the implications.
  3.  You must use the information from your text, not from other texts or online sources.
    1. Please review the rubric for specific grading information related to the number of concepts you choose to use.
    2. You may use concepts/theories for Chapters 8 (Emotion), 9 (Friendship & Professional Relationships), and/or 10 (Romantic & Family Relationships)
  4. In your paper, you MUST:
    1. Identify each concept and define the concept in your own words (do not use direct quotes from the text). YOU MUST PROVIDE TEXTUAL CITATIONS FROM YOUR TEXTBOOK TO AVOID PLAGIARISM.
    2. Thoroughly explain the connection between your example to each course concept/theory.
    3. Discuss how you and/or your relational partner could have improved the communication during the interaction.


  1. Your paper should have a clear introduction, body, and conclusion.
  2. Provide appropriate in-text citations as well as an APA reference sheet
  3. Assignments should be typed, single-spaced, and 1 full page in length.
  4. Edit your paper carefully for grammar, word choice, punctuation, spelling, etc.
  5. Organize your thoughts carefully. For each new idea, you should have a new paragraph.
  6. Provide clear transitions between paragraphs.

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