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Week 9&10
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Discussion week 9&10

Cybersecurity: In terms of security, we are looking at the higher-level aspects of the issues.  In particular, the IoT world of the future is very troublesome to most businesses.  there are articles specifically addressing that issues, with the one on connected vehicles as an example of one of the IoT sectors that we discussed.   the Wall Street Journal articles are general issues ones and worth reviewing to get an overall assessment of some of the issues as non-technical persons.  

In addition, think about the cybersecurity issues we have regarding the election process, you can see that information security is not just about protecting illegal access or protecting about the integrity of information.  The simple threats of such activities can make people lose confidence in the information/process.  That can cause a lot of damage regardless.  What about if your business products are under attack in terms of reputation etc. So you don’t really need to penetrate some cyber wall as the major security issues, there are so many issues you need to deal with. 

Some of you are in the cybersecurity programs, maybe you can help others to have a better understanding of the big pictures regarding security.

IT Impact on workplace/workforce-

Write your thoughts on the following topic:


The platform business, Uber, Airbnb, Spotify, Etc.

we will discuss the business model pioneered by Uber and AirBnB here.   these are called Platform business model. How do they make money, what the future is like, who do they replace, what do they provide that are new?  etc.    

AirBnB I used quite a bit.  they charge about $40-50 for each booking.  just like VRBO, Homeaway, hometogo, booking.com etc?  many owners post theirs on many sites.  

one point I want you to think about is yes Uber does replace the taxi industry.  but if I don’t take taxi much before, would I start taking more just because it is easier to get one?   so if it is to replace taxis, what does that mean?  how is it better for us and society?  etc.

in addition, earlier in the term we discussed about the popularity of the subscription model, for music, movie, etc.  Uber, Lyft now are into the subscription model too.  you pay a certain amount a month for a number of rides.  is this going to be popular?  you would think it is restricted to large cities only.   

btw, they also are planning to use self-driven cars in large volume. 

can we uberize other industries?

How about Instacart?  Given the hype in online grocery, they are doing fine.  but I doubt that they can stay the same when the crisis is over.

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