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Your brochure should be a total of one page front and back (or two pages, single-sided). It should be professionally presented and include elements that would help a community group understand the scope of the family violence that you are describing, as well as strategies to prevent and intervene in such situations. Consider using graphs, photos, and illustrations to enhance your brochure.

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Elder Abuse

Jamiah Riddick

Walden University

FPSY – 6206; Family Violence

Dr. Millimen

April 2nd, 2021


Elder abuse refers to the intentional action which infringes harm or develops a dangerous risk of harm among the elderly. It involves the failure of the caregivers to meet the elder’s basic needs as well as safeguard the elder from harm.

Relevant statistics

Most of the elder people have suffered from abuse. In 10 months, 40 cases, 51% had been physically abused, 10% had a hearing and visual impairment and 41% had been physically abused.

Current trends

Currently, the elderly population in the world makes up 15% of the total population. Projections anticipant the number of elderly may continue growing in the coming years. Elder abuse mainly involves caregiver neglect, financial fraud, sexual abuse, and physical abuse (National Center on Law & Elder Rights, 2017).

Impact to both the victim and perpetrator

Elder abuse mainly leads to injuries, welts, and wounds are common (National Center on Law & Elder Rights, 2017). Seniors may experience disturbed sleep, dehydration, malnutrition, depression, and an increased need for medical care. The perpetrator may suffer from the guilt of abusing the elderly (National Center on Law & Elder Rights, 2017).

Impact on the community

Elder abuse impacts society as a whole. Older abuse that has been abused lose their capability to live independently and may require ongoing support from the health industry. Elder abuse as well ruins family relationships. Family members at times experience guilt if they choose a nursing home for an abused relative.

Legal implications

Some of the legal implications that are associated with elder abuse include adult protective services, aging and disability services, and the civil justice system. Lawyers should aid in preventing elder abuse (CDC, 2020). Prevention techniques include educating older people as well as other individuals through presentation and material, counseling clients on vulnerability, and recommending the clients on ways to reduce abuse and enhance detection.

Resources and agencies to help a victim

Some of the healthcare agencies that aid in preventing elder abuse include the elder justice coalition, The Eldercare Locator, MARICOPA Elder Abuse Prevention Alliance, Ageless Alliance, and Administration on Community Living.

What a Person can help in Elder Abuse

In the case of elder abuse one can aid in managing this issue by reporting abuse of suspected abuse to adult protective services; listen to older adult as well as their caregivers to understand their issues and give support (CDC, 2020). One can as well encourage and help people having issues with drug or alcohol abuse in getting assistance (CDC, 2020).

Relevant Photographs



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