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This is a graded discussion: 50 points possible

due March 28

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Week 6 Discussion Board
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Week 6: Interprofessional Collaboration

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As a practice scholar, you are called to respond to a recurring medication administration error at your workplace setting and identify strategies to prevent future recurrence through interprofessional collaborative practice . Your first step is to assemble the interprofessional team. Consider the following.

· Who is on your team? What are the roles, responsibilities, and abilities of the team members?

· How will you work together? How will you determine accountability and task distribution? Identify ways to distribute and follow up on tasks among interprofessional team members.

· What strategies will you use to facilitate effective communication and collaboration? 

· NEED 3 Scholarly sources NO OLDER than 5 years, with in-text citation , APA format 6 edition.

Please review the  Graduate Discussion Grading Guidelines and Rubric (Links to an external site.)  for complete discussion requirements.

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