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Ticket to class:

Place in appropriate folder the day before class by 1159 pm.
No single word responses (at least 100+ words for each response)
Give at least 1 example
Cite resources, APA formatting (7th ed)
Give the questions some thought and answer honestly
Number your answers to correspond with the question
Worth 12 points / 5%

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Ticket To Entry To Class Discussion
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What will be important to you when you are dying?
What limitations to your physical and mental health would affect the health care decisions you would make?
Would you prefer hospice care with the goal of keeping you comfortable in your home during the final period of your life, as an alternative to hospitalization?
In general, do you wish to participate or share in making decisions about your health care and treatment?
Would you always want to know the truth about your condition, treatment options, and the chance of success of treatments?
What are the most comforting and frightening aspects of dying? Give examples.

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