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Formulate the Limitations & Implications section of your selected topic.  Please make sure to incorporate limitations and implications found both on content and research method. 

Limitations & Implications

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a.      Limitations 1: databases, keywords, language, time of publication, peer-reviewed studies, limited sources, access to full text

b.      Limitations 2: topic, samples used in outside sources

c.      Implications on the outcomes/results

d.      One well developed paragraph

Limitations and Implications

This study suffered some limitations. First, no laboratory study to measure whether the patient has IBS or not was found. The diagnosis of IBS was based on a patient’s subjective report about their symptoms The patient had to undergo several tests to rule out that the patient did not have other diseases; thus, according to the signs and symptoms, the doctor then diagnosed whether s/he suffered from IBS. It is for this reason that in the articles investigated, the researcher only found qualitative information offered by patients based on their symptoms. Secondly, the articles analyzed used small samples in their investigations, so the results obtained were verified on a small scale.  

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