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Go to the Focus on the Family website. https://www.focusonthefamily.com/marriage Select one of the articles about marriage from the site that speaks to you, then write a reflection on what you learned from the article. This is Julie answer

The article I chose was “Avoiding an Affair”. I chose this article because I feel like affairs are becoming more and more prevalent in our society, even socially acceptable in some circles. I really related to certain things they spoke about, such as how we need to make God our number one priority in life and our spouse should be next. I often find myself putting the kids or work above my husband and my marriage. It is not something that I do intentionally, but my children are young (4 & 6) and require a lot of attention. I need to make sure that I am being intentional in making my marriage a priority in my life. We have gone down some very trying roads in our 13-year marriage and managed to stay strong and stay together, but it has definitely been a learning experience along the way. I remember conversations with my husband where I have said, “I need to be more important than your phone, or the game you are playing”, and he has told me that I need to stop putting all of my other responsibilities in front of him. They discuss in the article (podcast) that being intentional with your spouse is very important to keep the communication open and share your feeling with one another and I really believe this is very important for my life.

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Find an article or interview about a couple who have been married 50 years or more. Describe what they identified as the keys to longevity in marriage. What are your takeaways from the couple that you had not previously considered? This is Amanda answer


I found some really cute and great takeaways from the article that I found. The interviewed a few couples that had been married fifty or more years. They have the purest advice. The best one I think that i didn’t consider was have a house with enough space for each other. I think is such a valid point bcause after you will defintely need space. a few others were “Devote Yourself to understang one another” and “Argue alot,but always get over it”. I think it was all sund advice to keep a marriage going string.

Amanda Coughlin

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