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 The name of book if you can find it, If not I’m waiting for someone who took it to give me the login information to efollett, you may be able to google the information to complete assignment

Correctional Administration: Integrating Theory and Practice by Richard P. Seiter.  
Publisher: Pearson; 3rd edition (2017)
ISBN: 9780133770766

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BPCC-Mgmt Of Correction – Writing Assignments Issues Facing Correctional Admin
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In Chapter 3 – Leadership and Management of Corrections, we learned of four categories of issues that confront and must be dealt with by correctional leaders and managers.

For this written assignment, you are to list and briefly summarize the four categories of issues confronting modern correctional administrators identified in your textbook.  These are four concerns that have evolved and require correctional administrators to navigate their agencies into position to address these challenges or respond to new initiatives.

Your written response should be at least two paragraphs minimum.  

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