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Reference: 2-3 Writing Plan Progress Check 2

Impact of the Irish Migration

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Coming to America by the Irish is the topic of interest in the paper. It involved the entry of the Irish people to the united states. The entry of the Irish into the British colony is the focus of interest. It creates interest based on the perception that the people had about the individuals. The adoption and assimilation process seemed to be difficult based on the fact that most of them were protestants. The point that they settled includes Philadelphia. The contribution that they made to the country was significant in terms of culture and religion. It was the main issue that distinguished them.

The application of the secondary sources was based on the correct depiction that they had about the period. They outline all the necessary factors that led to the massive movements of the people within the country that positively contributed to the movement (Ackerman, 2005). It is a dominant factor that led to the creation of the change in the society. The focus is the relation that was created through the interactions process. A key similarity is the depiction of the movement patter. The differences that existed at the time involved is the presentation of facts based on years (Cook, 1974). The references can be viewed below the discussion as key facts are outlined.

What were the impacts of the Irish migration? Understanding the impacts that the Irish had to the community is the focal point of interest that needs to be addressed. it ensures that only positive issues are reflected and studied. The fact that the information contained is positively addressed creates a major concern. the interest of the community is the focal point of concern through the process the presentation of facts is given the priority.


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Cook, A. (1974) The Armies of the Streets: The New York City Draft Riots of 1863. Lexington, KY: University Press of Kentucky.

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