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The slide is due in 20 hours and the speech draft can due in 28 hours.

Assignment Simulation 3: Start up Business

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Start Up Business
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Group create a Vitual comapany which named Frelux as our Start up business company(Please check the Frelux. PDF file). As the PDF is originally by group that you can use the sentences directly from the PDF.

1. Please based on the 1. Frelux. PDF(important!!!) , 2. textbook and 3. your research to complete the assignment.

2. The the red circle which under the red stars is my part: Design and implement a recruiting/talent acquisition process for a recommendation. Please read the requirments carefully and follow the guidelines given.

3. Please one PPT slide and 450 words speed draft for the assigment.

Graphical user interface, text, application  Description automatically generated

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