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 Operating Systems (or Topic approved by Instructor)

  1. Windows Client OS
  2. Windows Server OS
  3. Linux – Debian distribution
  4. Linux – Redhat distribution
  5. Android OS
  6. iPhone OS

What to Include:

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  • Research the topic
  • Review (in detail) your selected Operating Systems (See list below; selection Must be approved by Professor)
    • An overview of the operating system including a short history and a statement of the main objectives of the operating system. A diagram of the system structure also would be helpful.
    • Most of the report should consist of descriptions of the various design decisions made for the operating system including, but not limited to:
      • Processor scheduling
      • Memory management
      • File management
      • I/O scheduling
      • Etc.
    • The report also should include a discussion of any unique characteristics of the operating system. You should point out the rationale behind the choices, any unexpected interactions between design choices, and places where you might choose differently and why.
    • Finally, your report should conclude with a discussion of why you would or would not use this operating system. That is, give a “personal reaction” to the features and capabilities of the operating system.

Paper Requirements: (175 points)

  • Minimum: 10 pages, Maximum: 15 pages.
    • Including the following: Font: New Times Roman, 12 pts, full-page illustrations are not counted as a page.
    • I’ll check subject matter, contents, linkage, exhibits, etc…
    • Page 1, Title page: subject title, your names (Group and individual’s), my name, course number, and title.
    • Page 2, Abstract
    • Page 3, Table of contents page (although this is not an APA requirement, it is a this is a course requirement).
    • Page 4 to 19, Body pages: 15 text pages max.
    • Page 20, Reference page. References will be checked and Safe Assign (a Plagiarism Checker will be used)
    • Use the APA template:
    • APA Example Sixth Edition Click for more options APA Example Sixth Edition – Alternative Formats   – Word Document (29 KB)

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