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Business Strategy and Policy

Assignment #2

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Research your company and its industry and perform a Porter Five Forces analysis. For this assignment you should acquire a minimum of five separate pieces of research material, which can include periodical articles, investor analysis, and trend analysis for your company’s industry.

Please use both your book and the article on Canvas for reference. You should also read the IBIS World profile of your industry completely before you begin your piece. This is an essential element of research that you must read to help get your analysis correct. IBIS World can be accessed through the school library online databases link:

  1. From the Engage/Berkeley College home page, click the ‘Library’ link
  2. Click ‘A-Z Databases’
  3. Click ‘I’ in the alphabetical list
  4. Click ‘IBIS World’ which should be the first link that you see
  5. Type in the NAICS Code of the primary industry for your firm.

A Five Forces chart should begin your analysis to serve as a quick reference point. Beneath each of the forces, you should provide a brief one or two word description of what you will present on the pages following (see example on the following page).

Each of the Five Forces should then be discussed beneath their own headings in your paper using as much space as you deem necessary to complete your analysis. For each force you will wish to determine the following information:

· Barriers to Entry: What barriers, if any, exist and what is the effect on rivals and competition?

· Rivalry: What elements influence intensity the most (3-5 elements probably suffice) and what must a generic firm do to succeed?

· Supplier Power: Does supplier power exist and in what ways does it affect competition?

· Buyer Power: Same as above, does buyer power exist and in what ways does it affect competition?

· Threat of Substitutes: Define the basic need being met by rival goods and services. How easily is this need met by non-rivals; that is, to what extent do non-rivals pull trade away from your industry?

Please see the sample project to get an idea of what I am looking for here. Also, please conclude your paper with a brief (1-3 paragraphs are probably good) summary of the key competitive forces that are facing your company.

12pt. Font, Double spaced

3-6 pages (excluding chart)

Due: Week 6, Saturday February 13th, 11:59pm (Three weeks), uploaded to Canvas

*All papers MUST be fully cited using the proper format

*Papers are online via Canvas in the space provided


Low/Mod./ Intense/





Low/Mod./ High


Low/Mod./ High



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