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Unit VIII Project

Disaster Policy Development Report

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The purpose of this assignment is for you to think critically about using emergency management techniques toward the response and recovery of future and/or unknown disasters. Select a major disaster or type of disaster that was discussed in this course and has the potential to occur in the next 10 years.

Create a disaster policy development report to include each of the components below.

EMG 4001, Interagency Disaster Management 3

Explain what could potentially occur.

Discuss how interagency and interorganizational support can systematically plan for this event.

Identify and examine what sort of improvisation is needed for responding to this potential threat in the future. Please examine ways that you may need to remain flexible for possible unplanned outcomes due to this disaster. Determine supply-chain needs.

Discuss multi-jurisdictional training and educational opportunities that may be needed.

Explain how stakeholder roles are needed regarding financial resources for emergency management.

Your assignment should be a minimum of four pages in length (title and reference pages do not count toward meeting the minimum page requirement). You are required to use a minimum of three outside sources as a part of your assignment, one of which can be your textbook

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