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I will preface this assignment by saying that I am a huge National Geographic fan, (the magazine more than the TV channel…we don’t watch much TV in our household). Thus, I have compiled a National Geographic Magazine assignment for you. I actually gave you lots of flexibility in designing how you will complete the assignment…just read through the attachment and decide how you will complete this. Some of the ideas may be a bit more challenging via the internet, and may require extra tools such as scanners, etc. to get your work to me. So keep that in mind when selecting your assignment of choice…ultimately your work has to get to me to receive a grade. Remember there are computers and other tools like scanners available at our campus libraries. One last thing, be warned that if your work does not appear to be of good quality, you can risk turning in a submission and getting a “0” for low quality work. For example, a story consisting of a single paragraph, doesn’t cut it in college. So keep your standards as high as I set them.

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National Geographic Magazine
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