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Q1. Write the below discussion question.

Note: 250 words with intext citations and 2 referecnes must.

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Search the term “security awareness” on the Internet.

Choose two or three sites that offer materials and services and describe what is offered. Remember that your response must contain enough information to provide a thorough comparison without requiring anyone reading it from needing to review the actual websites you list.

Q2. Please read the below paragraph and write your opinion.

Note: 250 words with intext citations and 2 referecnes must.

The first site is Mimecase, which provides a security awareness training program for organizations that are facing cybersecurity threats. The target of the program is to improve the behavior of the employee to reduce the organization’s security risk from humans. Each organization will be served with a tailored training plan. Generally, the whole program last almost one month, 3 minutes per working day, aim at solving the top high-risk security issues identified by CISO. In order to ensure that organizations can implement the tailored program on different users, risk scores will be established for each member of the organization.


Security Awareness Hub is another source that provides training service for securities varied from Counterintelligence, General Security, Information Security, Insider Threat, Operations Security, to Cybersecurity. Their service targets the group of DOD and other U.S. Government and defense industry personnel. The course provides training on how to identify and report security incidents.


            Those two sites have customers from different areas, but their programs are similar: help users to gain awareness of risk on information security, combat security breaches, and work out solutions to address the risks.

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