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IT 145 Pet BAG Specification Document Overview Pet Boarding and Grooming (Pet BAG) is a company that provides boarding and grooming services for dogs and cats. They want to modernize their operations by introducing custom software that will help replace inefficient paper-based processes. UML Class Diagram Work on the Pet BAG application has already begun. Use this UML Class diagram, prepared by your supervisor, to understand the relationships between the Pet, Dog, and Cat classes.

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Functionality Pet BAG is seeking an application that has the following initial functionality:

• Ability to check in pets • Ability to check out pets

Each of these functional areas is described in more detail below.

Pet Check In The method for the pet check in process should meet the following criteria: • Determine if the pet is a dog or a cat and check for boarding space. • There are 30 spaces for dogs and 12 for cats. Pet BAG will need to be able to adjust these counts

as the shop grows. • If there is space for a new pet, collect the appropriate information. For returning pets, update

the information as needed. • Gather information on the length of the stay. • Determine if the pet owner would like the pet to be groomed. Only dogs can be groomed and

only if they stay two or more days. • Assign the pet to a space.

Pet Check Out The method for the pet check out process should meet the following criteria: • Identify the pet and its boarding space. • Determine if the pet had a grooming fee. Only dogs can be groomed and only if they stay two or

more days. • Use the following table to calculate the total fees. • Mark the boarding space as vacant.

Type of Pet Daily Boarding Fee Grooming Fee Dog (greater than or equal to 30 lbs.) $34.00 $29.95 Dog (20–30 lbs.) $29.00 $24.95 Dog (fewer than 20 lbs.) $24.00 $19.95 Cat $18.00 N/A


Manifest-Version: 1.0


public synchronized class Cat extends Pet {
    private int catSpaceNumber;
    public void Cat();
    public void Cat(String, String, int, boolean, boolean, int, double, int);
    public void setCatSpaceNbr(int);
    public int getCatSpaceNbr();


public synchronized class Pet {
    private String petType;
    private String petName;
    private int petAge;
    private boolean dogSpace;
    private boolean catSpace;
    private int daysStay;
    private double amountDue;
    public void Pet();
    public void Pet(String, String, int, boolean, boolean, int, double);
    public void setPetType(String);
    public void setPetName(String);
    public void setPetAge(int);
    public void setDogSpace(boolean);
    public void setCatSpace(boolean);
    public void setDaysStay(int);
    public void setAmountDue(double);
    public String getPetType();
    public String getPetName();
    public int getPetAge();
    public boolean getDogSpace();
    public boolean getCatSpace();
    public int getDaysStay();
    public double getAmountDue();
    public void getCatSpaceNumber();

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