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4 pg paper APA format double spaced:

submit a literature review that explores current relevant articles, books, and other sources related to the subject of human resource strategy/human capital metrics. 

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HR Metrics Literature Review Overview
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Must read instructions attached on word document!!! 


To submit a literature review that explores current relevant articles, books, and other sources related to the subject of human resource strategy/human capital metrics.  


This Literature Review asks students to choose a piece of literature that explores HR Strategy and or HR Metrics and discuss how this research has/can support reliance of quantitative measures (metrics) versus intuitive decisions in Human Resource Management (SHRM).    

The Literature Review should be 2 – 4 pages (double-spaced, normal font size, and margins) and meet APA style.   

Best Practices

Papers will be graded on both comprehensiveness and currency.  Reliance on general search media is acceptable to begin the process, but ultimately, used materials (included in the formal bibliography) must come from academic journals, texts, and other materials found in the DeVry Online Library as well as other academic libraries. Web pages, blogs, and social media sites are not acceptable as formal (cited) references.  

Below is a preliminary list of authors who have contributed to this topic/field over the last several years. The list is not exhaustive but can serve as a starting point for your review.  

· Jac Fitz-Enz

· John Boudreau

· Peter Ramsted

· Mark Huselid

· Brian Becker

· David Ulrich

· Wayne Brockbank

· Jessie Harriot

· Jeff Quinn

· Ken Scarlett

· Jeffrey Burke

· Wayne Cascio

Additionally, most of the best known academic and popular journals will provide acceptable content. Primary among (again, not exhaustive) them are some of the following journals and publications.

· People & Strategy (formally human resource planning)

· Harvard Business Review

· Human Resource Management

· Academy of Management Journals (various titles included)

· Journal of Labor Economics

· Human Resource Management Review

· Personnel Psychology

· International Journal of Human Resource Management

· Journal of Management

· Sloan Management Review

· California Management Review

· Administrative Sciences Quarterly

Grading Rubrics

Documentation and Formatting2514%Properly referenced according to APA Guidelines
Organization and Cohesiveness2011%Written in a cohesive manner that flows from stated assumptions
Editing2011%Spell checked for meaning as well as accuracy
Content12065%Paper provides an in-depth review of the literature addressing how it has/can impact HR strategy/HR metrics. 
Total185 100%A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the above requirements. 

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