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1. Although the European Union [EU] began as an economic partnership, other issues have come to the forefront as equally important issues for the EU to address. Identify some of these issues and predict their impact on the EU in 21st century.

2. The Russian Realm is a region that has seen great change, beginning with its rise as an empire, through revolution, the Soviet experiment, and breakup. The effects of massive readjustment growing from political and economic upheavals of the 1990’s continue to affect the area. Much uncertainty lies ahead for the people of the Russia. Take one aspect of this dilemma and discuss its effects on the people and the environment. [Areas of concern: political and economic factors; environmental devastation; ethnic and cultural differences; impact of globalization; social and health problems]

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3. The North African/Southwest Asian realm is widely referred to as the “Middle East”, consisting of parched deserts, oil, and sectarian violence.  The authors, however, caution that such generalizations can be misleading, describing the realm as “sprawling [and] geographically complex”. What do the authors mean? Identify the generalizations describing the realm, and point out how these are misleading.

4. According to the authors, “Subsaharan Africa is likely to have recorded the fastest economic growth among all world geographic realms” since the beginning of this century, and caution that many of the countries in the realm “remain resource-dependent economies“. In general, will this realm have a future in manufacturing and be a significant player in the processes of economic globalization?

5.The Pacific Realm: “a great drama of economic and political transformation will play itself out during the 21st century?” What does this mean and do you agree or disagree with the author’s statement?

5. In what ways does your field of interest [or course of study] fit into one of the geography sub-disciplines.

6. Write 250words about a current event on the European Realm

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