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1. Explain the purpose of the Mortgage Markets

2. Explain the role of the Mortgage Markets in the financial meltdown of 2008

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3. What safeguards were in place? Regulations

4. Examine the policies used by the Mortgage Markets before the great recession of 2008 and compare to those developed after

5. Were any of the markets previously regulated and later deregulated?

6. What were the warnings?

7. What role did the federal reserve play in the Mortgage Markets crises we had in 2008?

8. Expand on any key players involved

Note: question 8 is an expansion of question 7 it elaborates on it. Question 7 is asking what role did the federal reserve play in the mortgage market crises we had in 2008 and question 8 is asking you to elaborate on some of the key points on how the federal reserve was involved.

Your task is to answer questions 7 and 8

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