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Discuss: Can Leadership Be Taught?

Ethical issues are complex and multi-faceted, often impacting multiple disciplines besides your own. This course is one way in which we can start to break down silos across disciplines, as well as silos that exist across all stakeholders in society. We want these discussions to

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Discussion 1
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serve as forums for you to support one another and share insights.

Please refer to the discussion rubric for posting expectations and information on how to maximize your points.

Part I: Initial Post (Due Week 2)

Over this term, you will be developing your leadership skills, using an ethical lens. This begs the core question – can leadership be taught, or is a person born a leader? Based on all that you have learned through the leadership videos, assigned handouts, and expert speakers, share your thoughts on this and why.

Part II: Interact with Classmates (Due Week 2)

Please meaningfully engage with at least two classmates to move the conversation forward. Share insights about what they said, ask questions, share experiences, etc.

Actively monitor your own discussion thread throughout the week and respond as appropriate.

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