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Case Study Psychology
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Intervention Paper: LAPC Model and Kendrick

[Your Name]

Running head: LAPC MODEL 1

Southern New Hampshire University


[Insert your content. Note that, unlike your intervention papers, this paper will be written in case note format. To do so, consider that you are documenting what occurred in session with you and Kendrick relative to each step of the LAPC model. Please make sure you are using the questions from pages 12 and 13 of the Crisis Intervention text to help guide you in completing each of these sections. You will need to make up parts of your response (i.e., not rely solely on the case study) to complete some of the steps. To do so, envision that you are having this session with Kendrick and working through each step of the LAPC model. Document what occurred and what was decided, based on the requirements of each step. Your responses should be consistent with the case study and reflective of the elements of the LAPC model.]


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COU 680 Week Four Case Study: Kendrick You are a counselor at the on-campus counseling center. Kendrick is a 22-year-old African American college senior who has come in to see you as a result of his recent breakup with his fiancé, Stephanie. Kendrick reports that he is unable to cope, has not been to class in the past two weeks, is not eating, and only sleeps when he cries himself to the point of exhaustion or when he self-medicates with large quantities of alcohol. Kendrick lives alone, having shared his apartment with Stephanie prior to the breakup. He acknowledges that he is in complete despair and has now been contacted by his academic advisor, who let him know if he does not rebound quickly, he is at risk of failing his final courses, not graduating on time, and losing the job he has already been hired for post-graduation. Despite his struggles to cope, Kendrick denies any current suicidal ideation or desire to harm himself or others.

History Kendrick is a National Merit Scholar who came to college on a full academic scholarship. He majored in aerospace engineering and has spent the past two summers interning for a company that has already offered him a full-time position upon graduation at the end of the term. Kendrick met Stephanie in one of his first-semester engineering courses. They sat next to each other in class and soon became study partners. Within two months they were dating exclusively and spent nearly every moment together. While both lived in the university dorms their first year, they chose to get an apartment together starting their sophomore year, and they lived together until two weeks ago when Stephanie moved out. Since the beginning of his relationship with Stephanie, Kendrick has been socially isolated. While he did come to college with a few close friends and is only two hours away from home, he has not maintained connections with his high school friends and has not made regular visits home. In fact, Kendrick reports that his parents came to “resent” Stephanie because they saw her as “keeping him away,” so he has largely cut off communication with them. Kendrick reports that he did not feel coerced to cut out his relationships with others, but simply preferred Stephanie’s company over others. Kendrick reports that the relationship felt happy and healthy to him, although he did feel Stephanie growing more distant in the past couple of months. He states that he and Stephanie had plans to get married in the fall, once he settled into his new job and she could start graduate school. Kendrick reports the relationship ended after Stephanie decided she wasn’t ready for marriage and realized she had “wasted” her entire college experience being in a relationship rather than “going and doing.” After a heated argument and “lots of begging,” Kendrick was unable to persuade Stephanie to reconsider, and she immediately moved out of their shared apartment and in with a coworker from her part-time job. They have not had contact since she moved out, although Kendrick has tried calling daily.

Developmental Considerations Kendrick had no significant health or developmental issues as a child. Cognitively, he was advanced at an early age and his parents elected to have him skip second grade. While he continued to excel academically, he struggled with socialization resulting due to the difference in age and often preferred

to play alone in elementary school. By middle school, Kendrick made good gains in psychosocial development and had a small group of very close friends that he maintained through high school, although he remained shy.

Relational Considerations Kendrick is an only child and, prior to attending college, was very close to both his mom and dad. His parents had wanted more children but had been unable to conceive again after his birth. Instead, they worked to support his academic success and played the primary support role for him in his elementary years. In addition to his parents, Kendrick has a large extended family in his hometown, and weekends were often spent together at his maternal grandmother’s house with his many aunts, uncles, and cousins. Outside of his family and his small friend group, Kendrick kept mostly to himself. He was kind and people liked him, but he did not seek others out and dated very little in high school.

Multicultural Considerations Kendrick comes from a large and family-oriented African American family. His decision to go away to school was significant, as many of his cousins opted to stay at the local university. However, his parents supported his academic success and wanted to see him take the opportunity to get outside of his comfort zone and succeed at more prestigious university. Given that, they did have initial expectations that he would come home most weekends and became increasingly concerned when he began pulling away in the second semester of his freshman year. They made many attempts to call him, come visit, and ultimately “demand[ed]” that he come home, but his resistance and preference to spend time with Stephanie ultimately created a barrier in communication. His extended families’ statements that he had “sold out” only furthered his desire to pull away.

Diagnosis Diagnostically, Kendrick is displaying symptoms consistent with adjustment disorder with depressed mood (American Psychiatric Association, 2013).


American Psychiatric Association. (2013). Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (5th ed.).

Washington, DC: Author.

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