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Store Sensitivities

Hurdle Adjustment

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Case Study
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Reports the impact of variety of different scenarios

How much would sales need to change (decrease or increase) in order for projects IRR(NPV) to be equal to that of the prototype.

Full transfer impact: How much the sales need to be adjusted to fully reflect the cannibalization of other stores. The sale graph in the middle shows the total vs incremental sales. The difference is the sales decrease of other stores.

Risk Opportunity

Quantifies the impact upon NPV and IRR for different scenarios. Ie How much will NPV and IRR change if sales decrease by 10%?

Variance to Prototype

Why NPV or IRR differs from the prototype. Define what items contribute to the change.


Is the population growth high or low?

What is the income average?

Brand Awareness

The brand awareness is higher if the percentage of educated people is higher in the area.

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