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PPT presentation over a case study.  Instructions attached. 

Business Law Case Study 1 Instructions, Spring 2021

For this assignment, Read and evaluate the case below. As part of your evaluation, you will need to identify the legal issues and decide which party should prevail. You will then create a short PowerPoint presentation regarding your findings.

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Business Law Case Study 1
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For this assignment, your deliverable is a minimum of seven PowerPoint slides , excluding any title, reference, or conclusion page. Although there is minimum of 7 slides, you are more than welcome to submit more, if you feel it is warranted to arrive at the best conclusion.

In your presentation, you should address the following:

1. The facts of the case.

2. The applicable law.

3. How the law applies to the facts?

4. What is the likely outcome?

5. From a business perspective, what steps either party could have taken to limit its liability and avoid litigation.

In evaluating your case, you are not required to use any sources besides your textbook. However, if you do use other sources, you should cite them using APA format. This means a parenthetical citation on the slide where the source is referenced and a reference slide at the end with the full citation. You are not required to use the law of any specific state. Instead, you should follow the majority rule for the relevant legal concept. For example, if your case involves a negligence claim, then you should identify the elements of a negligence claim (duty, breach, causation, and damages) and how the elements are applied to this case.

How you will be graded: You will be evaluated based upon the thoroughness of the content covered on the slides, the presentation look and arrangement of the slides (i.e. are the slides professional in appearance and are they arranged in an easy to read format), evidence of critically thinking through the facts of the case study to arrive at the presented conclusion, and overall professionalism. The three categories that I will use when evaluating you are content knowledge, critical thinking, and communication/ professionalism.

Content knowledge pertains to your understanding of the material. Did you accurately state what the law was? Was your statement of the facts correct? Can you explain legal principles when questioned? (The facilitator/moderator would be the one acting in this role of the fact-finder.)

Critical thinking relates to your ability to properly evaluate the case and correctly apply the law. Are your arguments well-reasoned? I am not looking for a right or wrong answer. I want you to take a position and then make an argument in support of that position. This means that you cannot just make a conclusion. You have to provide support for that conclusion.

Communication/Professionalism relates to how well you present your case. Do your slides look professional? Is it evident that you have practiced your presentation? Are you able to explain the contents of your slide in terms that the audience can understand? Are there smooth transitions between speakers? Do your slides have a logical flow? I realize that some of you may get nervous when presenting. You will not be penalized for being nervous. However, it should be evident that the group was well-prepared for the presentation.

Below is a breakdown of how each group’s grade will be calculated.

Critical Thinking40%


Walter Sobchak arrived at Hollywood Star Lanes, a bowling alley in Omaha, Nebraska, at approximately 6:00 P.M. to bowl in his league game. The bowling alley’s parking lot and adjacent sidewalk were covered with snow and ice. Sobchak proceeded to walk into the bowling alley on the only sidewalk provided in and out of the building. He testified that he noticed the sidewalk was icy. After bowling three games and drinking three beers, Sobchak left the bowling alley at approximately 9:00 P.M. He retraced his steps on the same sidewalk, which was still covered with ice and in a condition that, according to The Dude, general manager of Hollywood Star Lanes, was “unacceptable” if the bowling alley were open to customers. As Sobchak proceeded along the sidewalk to his car, he slipped, attempted to catch himself by reaching toward a car, and fell. He suffered a fracture of both bones in his left ankle as well as a ruptured ligament. Sobchak sued Hollywood Star Lanes, seeking damages for his personal injuries. Hollywood Star Lanes denied liability for Sobchak’s personal injuries.

a. What arguments would support Sobchak’s claim for his personal injuries?

b. What arguments would support Hollywood Star Lane’s denial of liability for Sobchak’s personal injuries?

c. Which side should prevail? Explain.

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