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CRM 330 Reaction Paper Guidelines

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Each student will be responsible for submitting five reaction papers. Your objective in writing this assignment is to define

an issue comprehensively, critically, and clearly and to formulate and clarify your position using supporting published

literary evidence on that issue by reacting to an assigned controversial statement.

The paper must be at least 500 and no more than 750 words, excluding the title page, abstract page, and reference page,

and must adhere to the APA Sixth Edition writing format. Please review the APA Guide link under Resources. If your

paper does not fully comply with the APA style and format you will lose points.

Please cite at least one reference for your paper from the assigned website(s) in addition to other optional citations and

provide in-text citations in the paper.

Submit the paper to your instructor via the course Assignment box by no later than 11:59 PM Sunday EST/EDT of each

assigned module. (These Assignment boxes may be linked to Turnitin.) For more information on the Turnitin integration,

click on the link under Resources.

Grading Rubric for Scholarly Paper

Criteria Ratings

Null Novice Basic Proficient Exceptional

The paper extensively develops the issue and ideas are presented in a clear, concise manner

0 14 16 18 20

The paper provides a fundamental overview of the topic as it relates to the criminal justice system.

0 14 16 18 20

Shows depth and understanding of the subject matter with appropriate analysis of the topic selected (i.e. Due process model, crime control model, or social process theories).

0 14 16 18 20

Meets acceptable college level standards with respect to form and substance; meets APA style requirements.

0 14 16 18 20

Free of typographical errors; typed in a double- spaced format with bibliographic references; free of plagiarism.

0 14 16 18 20

Total 100

Please write a reaction paper to the controversial statement given below based upon the websites viewed earlier and your readings in the text.

“No effective structures or information is currently available to assist law enforcement in dealing with the threat from organized crime on the street or in the courtroom.”


While visiting the following websites think about the different mechanisms in which law enforcement is aided in the fight against organized crime. 

gov/opcl/crime-taskforce.pdf’,’Trivantis_’,’width=1009,height=662,scrollbars=1,resizable=1,menubar=1,toolbar=1,location=1,status=1′);”>http://www.justice.gov/opcl/crime-taskforce.pdf  or  www.justice.gov  and search OCDETF Fusion Center and review the document at a minimum through Page 4 down to but not including Section 1.0 to develop a familiarity with the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force.

http://it.ojp.gov/documents/fusion_center_guidelines_law_enforcement.pdf  and at a minimum review the document from the cover through Page 7 to gain an understanding of fusion centers and the guidelines for developing and sharing information in a new era.

http://www.justice.gov/usao/eousa/foia_reading_room/usam/title9/110mcrm.htm  and review this portion of the United States Attorney’s Manual regarding the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act.

gov/witsec/index.html’,’Trivantis_’,’width=1009,height=662,scrollbars=1,resizable=1,menubar=1,toolbar=1,location=1,status=1′);”>http://www.usmarshals.gov/witsec/index.html  and read the information found under the heading “Witness Security Program.”

Book Information: Abadinsky (2017). Organized Crime 11th Edition.

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