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Strategic Integration

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Strategic Integration

Strategic integration is the subtle combination of individual components in an institution to create a cohesive entity. Any technology project being undertaken in an organization should derive its objectives from organizational strategic goals. Improving performance in an organization involves system upgrades or the addition of computer hardware which will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the organizational operations. Some organizations might be advancing in terms of product marketing or even transacting online; thus, the need to advance in terms of speed and practicability of the organizational information technology. The system not only assists in the operations but also reduces costs while increasing profits. For these reasons, any technology implementation needs to be very strategic and as well integrate into the organizational objectives.

The integration of different components may not necessarily involve new hardware or software in an organization. Still, instead, it may involve the hiring of staff with different skills to diversify to business practices. In order to be competitive in the current market, creativity is required to keep the organization in the competitive market. Strategic integration is used in organizations to assess predictable and non-predictable transitions and challenges that might occur at different operations levels.

Section II

The ICT department is involved in processing data as well as ensure the security of the systems used in the organization (Vanessa Cross, 2021). The responsibility of the department is to avail easy solutions to the organization as well as save on cost. In case of data loss, the department has the responsibility of recovering the data as well as safeguard the organization from such eventualities. The ICT department makes decisions that lead to fast service delivery as well as assist in growing the organization as the business operations expand.

Another responsibility for the ICT is to segment the user rights according to departments as well as the organizational management structure. In any organization advancing in IT, an ICT department is essential to keep all operations running smoothly. For this reason, ICT departments tend to be divided into sub-departments, such as the maintenance sub-department, which is based on maintenance operations of all computers in the organization. Another department may be the networking department which will assist in ensuring all operations are running smoothly and every user has access to all software as well as the network used in the organization. In an organization, coordination is very crucial in achieving its goals. Therefore, an ICT department should be equipped with a team of skilled employees.

This division in operations enhances flexibility in the department as well as adaptability to the changes in the IT industry. There are many operations in the organization that require constant checks, such as systems performance, security, data storage, among others (Alan Kantrow, 2018). Having divisions in that department ensures the smooth running of the organization. In order to maximize profits as well as reduce cost, there must be a team that is more hands-on and an administrative team that keeps a constant check on the performance of the system. As a result of the division of roles in the operations, the organization diversifies more skills from the many employees as well as ideas. This enhances strategic integration as employees are equipped with different skills that help grow the organization. As the organization works towards minimizing costs and increasing profits, strategic integration improves performance and efficiency in the operations of the organization.


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