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Week 2 Discussion Topic Instructions


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Your textbook readings this week focus on the models, theories and assessment of addiction.  As a basis for the discussion this week please locate an article from a peer-reviewed source (journal, blog or other publication) that addresses assessment methods for substance use and addiction in the last 5 years. 

In 2006 and 2016, tobacco was considered the global risk for early death. In 1990, alcohol was in fourth place, and illegal drugs were in 18th place. The change was noticed with psychoactive substances and medications. In Germany, the Epidemiological Survey of Substance Abuse (Epidemiologischer Suchtsurvey; ESA) was conducted as a regular cross-sectional survey focusing on the substance use and disorders caused by them. The survey was administered to the adult population (18 to 64 years) from 1995 till 2018. 

The study focused on the use of tobacco, alcohol, cannabis, and other illegal drugs. The information collected focuses on the patterns of consumption and the amount consumed. With time as a preditor, the trends were assessed and compared among men and women. The use of tobacco displayed a decreasing trend for both, however, more so in women. The use of alcohol was also decreasing for both, yet more in women. The use of illegal drugs displayed an increase for both with a huger tendency of consumption by men. The use of medication was also increased for both. 

The Survey revealed decreasing trends in the use of tobacco and alcohol are positive. To maintain the decrease, unique treatments, and prevention programs must be implemented. A noted surge in the consumption of cannabis and illegal drugs was also recorded. Differents treatments and preventive programs were recommended to decrease the use of those substances.

Seitz, N., Lochbuhler, K., Atzendoft, J., Rauschert, C., Pfeiffer-Gerschel, T., and Kraus, L. (2019). Trends in Subtance Use and Related Disorders. US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health.

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