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You’ve been asked to help your classmates understand the importance of how culture can impact communication. Because the class should have an official record of your findings, and because the message is internal (from one person to the rest of the group), you’ve been asked to write a memo that will be sent out to the whole class. 

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In a properly formatted memo addressed to your classmates (memo design) discuss the importance of understanding the opportunities and challenges of intercultural communication in a workplace. Length: 250 words min., but no longer than a full page (remember memos are typical short)

  1. In order to prepare this memo properly, you need to A) carefully read the Intercultural Communication (Links to an external site.) chapter B) refer back to the text on memos  (Links to an external site.)for proper formatting.
  2. Include the following sections:

Introduction/Opening: Begin your memo with an introductory paragraph explaining the importance of understanding the opportunities and challenges of intercultural communication.
Body/Discussion: In the body of your memo, focus on 1 of the Divergent Cultural Characteristics outlined in the chapter (for example, Individualistic versus Collectivist Cultures). In this section, first briefly explain your chosen divergence, then continue the body of memo by explaining how this specific divergence can affect business communication. Finally, create a bulleted list with recommendations for your classmates to follow in all of their correspondence this semester. 
Conclusion/Closing: Begin your closing paragraph with a courteous transition and a brief summary of the message‚Äôs content. Conclude your memo with by indicating how the reader may contact you if they questions about the content of the memo.

Helpful Tips:

  • Confine your memo to a single purpose
  • Begin your memo with the main idea
  • Elaborate on your main point in the body of the memorandum. You can use formatting to help you break up and organize the information in a memo. For example, bullet points, headings, etc. 
  • Close your memo with an invitation for further discussion and how you can be contacted.
  • Do not use a closing salutation for a memo, as you would do with a letter.
  • Do not sign the bottom of the memo

Here’s how you’ll be graded: 

    • Assignment submission is well-developed, thorough, and detailed. (6 points)
    • Assignment submission responds to all parts of the assigned texts or prompt. If a word count is mentioned, the assignment meets the word count. (2 points)
    • Assignment shows evidence of proofreading and editing. (2 points). 

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