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Comp 102-OL8 • Spring 2021

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Assignment #11 Quiz #6
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Instructor: Michael Willmann

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QUIZ #6 DUE: 3-16-21

Team Members: Graded By: Score: /100 Date:

Identify all of the parts of speech and all of the errors in the following passages. (Ten points per passage)

1. As you all might know Elizabeth has claimed she is Native American and has history in her family. President Trump has denied her family history, he also continues to make fun and use name calling as his tactic against her. 2. Lastly if anybody is not sure how to answer any of the questions you may answer by telling them to ask Elizabeth themselves. 3. We at Camden County College support the 1st Amendment Constitutional right of freedom of speech. We want to allow our students and faculty to be able to discuss many different topics, some of which that could be controversial such as abortion rights. 4. This means that no one should be worried about their own safety when coming to Camden County College for an education. Our job at Camden County College is to ensure the safety of everyone on college property while they are on campus. 5. If one feels they are lacking something they want, I would expect a conscientious, conscious reason as to why; not just, because they feel it is right for them to have it. Our conscience is tied with our conscious; in order to do something right, or to do something wrong we must be aware of such. In order for that decision to be of a conscientious nature (that being correct socially) there has to be a blueprint that is wholly shared and accepted as right conscientious thinking for the whole to benefit and ultimately thrive independently.

6. After giving helpful tips on how to try to spruce up older homes to sell by using the key words and fixtures used by the Gaines, Lauren explains how the Gaines have influenced the market even more. Not only have Chip and Joanna waved their magic wands around starter home markets, but they have done it with the markets in the city as well. People in the cities have proven to enjoy that claw-foot tub too. 7. Throughout the article “How Nike changed the consumer brand marketing universe”, author Kag Katumba stresses the fact that target demography is has become an extremely controversial topic over the past few years. Especially when it highlights the Colin Kaepernick situation going on all through the National Football League (NFL) and effecting people off the field, for instance the POTUS. 8. The most important thing to me is life itself because without life there wouldn’t be anything to value if I wasn’t alive. Some other things that are important to me in my life are bowling, humor, the sun, water, food, the trees, nature, exploration, and family and friends. The reason these things hold such a high place in my life is because they are essential to me so I can remain alive and have a happy life as I continue to strive for satisfaction and greatness in my life. 9. Tama expanded on the first strategy by stating that she planned on making use of chatbots and messenger bots, which she said to have chosen due to predictions from Gartner Customer Experience Summit 2018 stating that they will make up roughly 25% of customer support in 2020. 10. What i agree with in this article is that online businesses and organizations should keep withwith the new technology today. I agree with the article that they should not go with the old onlinemarketing playbooks and they need to go with the new ways. That way online marketing sites for organizations have less disruptions.



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