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Using the economic knowledge learned in this class and additional outside research, write a paper that describes the positive and negative impacts of international trade or globalization on a country or region of your choice (e.g., European Union, South America).

Use sources such as Yahoo Finance , databases such as EBSCOhost and ProQuest (available through the myEdison portal under My Resources > Educational), and online journals from the New Jersey State Library to conduct your research. (In order to access resources from the New Jersey State Library, you must first sign up for a free library card .)

Course objectives covered in this paper include CO 1, CO 3, CO 4, CO 5, CO 8, CO 9, CO 10


Ch. 1 Introduction – Principles of Macroeconomics 2e | OpenStax


Write a paper of at least 2000 words (approximately 8 pages, not including the cover sheet, table of contents, or reference pages) in which you describe the positive and negative impacts of international trade or of globalization on a country or region of your choice.

Thoroughly discuss all of the components listed below and, when possible, provide specific examples or recommendations. Feel free to incorporate additional information so as to provide a more complete paper.

· Introduction: Provide a brief focus statement about the topic of your paper.

· Description of trade: Briefly describe the country or region of your choice, focusing on the trade patterns with one or many of its important trade partners. You must use statistical data in part to address this point.

· Economic theory: Incorporate at least one economic theory discussed in the course to explain trade in the context of your selected country/region.

· Positive and negative impacts: Describe the positive and negative impacts of international trade or globalization on the selected country or region.

· Recommendations: Make a normative statement by recommending at least three policies that you believe would help to mitigate the negative impacts or amplify the benefits of international trade or globalization for the country or region that you have chosen. Explain your rationale for the recommendations.

· Conclusion: Conclude your paper with a summary of the main points.

Your final paper should:

· Be at least 2000 words in length (not including the cover sheet, table of contents or reference pages).

· Include a cover sheet and a table of contents.

· Include at least six references from academic books, journal articles, and/or credible online sources.

· Follow academic research approaches and APA citation format, including in-text citations and a references list.

· Be well-developed and convey your understanding of the readings and concepts.

· Be organized, coherent, and unified.

· Be free of spelling, structure, and grammatical errors.

· Represent original work.

If you have questions about the requirements of the paper, be sure to discuss them with your mentor well in advance of the final submission. You can reference the final paper grading rubric located in the Evaluation Rubrics folder in Moodle. Consult the Course Calendar for the due date.

Note: The final paper corresponds to or addresses the following Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) outcomes:

· Demonstrate critical-thinking skills in business-related situations. [BSBA 2]

· Employ empirical approaches to planning and decision making using quantitative reporting mechanisms. [BSBA 3]

Your work on this assignment should reflect your ability to:

· Present information from reliable sources using sufficient interpretation and evaluation to develop an analysis or synthesis. [BSBA 2.2: Evidence]

· Reasonably evaluate the reliability of supporting data, challenge poorly sourced information, and search for evidence that stands in contrast to one’s own position. [BSBA 2.3: Analysis of supporting data]

· Analyze one’s own assumptions and biases and those of stakeholder groups and evaluate the relevance of contexts when formulating a position. [BSBA 2.4: Context and assumptions]

· Consider the complexities of a business-related issue and acknowledge the perspectives of stakeholder groups in both challenging and sharpening a final decision and solution. [BSBA 2.6: Perspectives of others]

· Adequately present and explain key concepts, capably linking ideas. [BSBA 2.7: Presentation]

· Reach reasonable conclusions and state outcomes (consequences and implications) satisfactorily. [BSBA 2.8: Conclusions and outcomes]

· Use the quantitative analysis of data as the basis for competent judgments, drawing reasonable conclusions from this work. [BSBA 3.4: Application/analysis]

· Describe assumptions and provide rationale for why each assumption is appropriate. [BSBA 3.5: Assumptions]

· Use quantitative information in connection with the argument or purpose of the work, present it in a reasonably effective format, and explicate consistently. [BSBA 3.6: Communication]


The following links provide online writing and research aids to help you with your paper assignments.

· OWL (Online Writing Lab) at Purdue University

· Writer’s Handbook , the Writing Center at the University of Wisconsin–Madison

· APA Guidelines

· Information Literacy for TESU Students (an online guide from the New Jersey State Library to assist you in starting your research, searching databases for articles, citing sources, using ILLiad to request books or articles, etc.)

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