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 This is Music Class  I need 250 words of the initial Post and two replies of 80 words each later for each. I will send replies later.  Please Post each Discussion Separately. No Plagiarism. Due in 36 hours

Discussion 1

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Music Class 4 Discussions
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For this module’s discussion, watch the following video:

What would it be like to participate in a shaped note singing convention?

Discussion 2

After listening to “Bess, You is My Woman Now” by George Gershwin, compare and contrast Gershwin’s treatment of black Americans with that of Stephen Foster and the minstrel shows. What do you personally think about these treatments? What role did racial tension play in the development of the music entertainment industry in the United States?

Discussion 3

Jazz music was America’s most popular radio and dance club genre from the 1920s–40s. In the 1950s, its popularity began to dwindle, even though respect for the genre steadily grew. Today, jazz music is considered to be the equal in artistry and complexity to classical music, and it has about the same relatively small number of devoted listeners. What do you think caused this shift in jazz from popular to art music?

Discussion 4

Listen to the song “Hurt” sung by Johnny Cash on the Module 4 playlist. This song was written and originally performed by Nine Inch Nails and refers to young people who cut themselves. How does the iconic performer Johnny Cash transform this song into masterfully authentic storytelling, which is a hallmark of a successful country song?

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