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A) Review the SHRM Article entitled What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a PEO. If you were the HR Director for an organization of 1,000 employees who had to make some very tough staffing decisions, WHY WOULD you consider a PEO – provide a detailed response here. WHY WOULD YOU NOT consider a PEO – provide a detailed response to each answer.


B) The trends and value of considering alternative workforce utilization are growing in this time of significant headcount and budget management. Reviewing both the article discussing that Alternative Workforce Application is Now Mainstream and the SHRM article discussing the pros and cons of an alternative workforce, list below in detailed responses, why you as the HR Director for an organization of 1,000 employees, might utilize an alternative workforce to staff some of your positions. This conversation goes beyond the human resource employee to many of the functions that are performed in organizations today.

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a. Begin with four extensive reasons why you would consider the usage of alternative non-regular, contract, temporary, contingent employees and what the value would be to your organization.

b. Follow this response with four considerations as to why you would not use an alternative worker to staff positions, again providing detailed discussions, not just repetitions from the articles provided.

D. Each of you have access to Handshake and the number of jobs posted and the resources available through Career Services and a number of support services provided through them. If you have not taken advantage of the one-on-one consultations that Emily Cutlip provides to you. I would encourage you to do so soon. She is an outstanding resource available for you. In addition, I want to remind you about the option you have as OU students to do practice interviewing in the comfort of your own home. I encourage you to consider using this resource whether you are interviewing for an internship or a permanent position. https://oakland.biginterview.com/

For the exercise below, I want you to go to each of the links provided to see the number of positions that you could research if you were in the job market. Some opportunities are permanent positions, while others are temporary. You may find that some of these positions are listed on Handshake. But not all employers are large enough to have an established relationship with the Handshake option, or they may not post temporary positions on Handshake. I encourage you to consider all options when you are in the job market. The value of a temporary position is that you often gain the experience that you may be missing when employers indicate they are looking for 1-3 years of background. In addition, it can open up doors and opportunities that you never thought of in your employment search. For this assignment, I want you to report out on one job from each link posted. You do not need to provide all details of the position, but I want enough information to display that you looked at the link and can reference positions that might be available (Note: Do not respond by providing me with the link of the specific position. I want to see that you looked at and reviewed positions.) Just include title, date posted, employment status and location and salary range if available and then add just one line of information about the position. As usual, you may use this assignment template to respond or you may create a separate document.

Robert Haf and Human Resource Jobs


Kelly Services and Human Resource Jobs


Trion Solutions, Inc., and Human Resource Jobs


ADP and Human Resource Jobs


Manpower and Human Resource Jobs


O’Net Human Resources Specialist – Specifically for this position I want you to click on the link and then scroll down through the position to the Find Jobs tab. Then click on your desired zip code to see the number of positions that have been posted recently. Note that you can reduce the number of miles you are willing to drive


E) Write a detailed paragraph about what you learned regarding to these multiple sites and the potential for an expanded job search:

How would you rate the overall value and importance of a Professional Employer Organization presentation?

Great Good Neutral Do Not See Value

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