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Choose one health-promoting behavior in which you personally could but don’t engage. Identify factors, as defined in the health promotion model, which contribute to your decision not to participate. Include immediate competing alternatives.

2. Analyze factors that contribute to your participation in a health-promoting activity and place each factor under the appropriate label from the health promotion model.

3. Consider your own philosophy of health and prepare your description of wellness. Is absence of disease more prominent than positive, active statements of health?

4. Anticipate the health-promoting behaviors important at various stages of development across the life span. What health promotion topics do you include in your practice?

Nursing Theory Nola Pender & The Health Promotion Model


Nola J. Pender, PhD., RN, FAAN

Michigan State University Bachelors-1964 4

Michigan State University Masters-1965 4

Northwestern University, PhD.-1969 4

Co-founder of Midwest Nursing Research Society 4

Professor Emerita:

Division of Health Promotion & Risk Reduction, Michigan State University School of Nursing 4

Distinguished Professor:

Loyola University Chicago, School of Nursing 1

Health promoting studies:

mid 1970’s 1

Health promotion model (HPM):

1982, revised in 1996 1

Health Promotion Model Positive motivation vs. Negative 5 Intervene before disease state 3

Health promotion 2

Health Protection/

Disease Prevention 2

Behavior motivated

Desire to increase well-being

Approach to wellness

Behavior motivated

Desire to avoid illness

Early detection

Maintain function if illness exists


Individual Characteristics & Experiences 5

Manifested by prior behavior

Seeks to identify past behavior to assess possibility of change

Identify personal factors that need adjusting

Formulates plan of action based on prior behavior & personal factors

Behavior Specific Cognitions & Affect 5

Perceived benefits/barriers of action

Considers influences

Planning /Considering reasons for potential failure

Identifies benefits of plan

Identify steps to attain goals

Behavioral Outcome 5

Commitment to plan of action

Demands and preferences

Nurse empowers patient

Health promoting behaviors begin

Relevance of Health Promotion Theory

Focus on well-being before illness/disease exists/Prevention focused

Individual or community geared

Promotes well-being/healthy lifestyles

Geared towards any age group

Goal=Positive outcomes

Future incorporation to Nursing practice

Use of the model relies on both Nurse & patient (also a limitation)

HPM has been used since 1980’s

Can be used in almost any practice

Preventative approach will save $$






Wellness checkups

BP monitoring

Pender’s quotes

“I committed myself to the proactive stance of health promotion and disease prevention with the conviction that it is much better to experience exuberant well-being and prevent disease than let disease happen when it is avoidable and then try and cope with it.”-Nola J. Pender, PhD, RN, FAAN

“We are moving toward an era of science-based practice in nursing that incorporates the latest findings from the behavioral and biological sciences into practice to assist people of varying cultural backgrounds to adopt healthy lifestyles.” -Nola J. Pender, PhD, RN, FAAN

“I believe that the future will be very bright and productive for nurses who direct their careers toward understanding disease prevention and health promotion processes.” -Nola J. Pender, PhD, RN, FAAN


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