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Do an in-depth reading of Phillis Wheatley’s poem and letter to George Washington. 

The documents are located in the module “Atlantic Slave Trade and Triangle”

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Write a 5 page (minimum) essay analyzing her writings.

The paper should have a title page, Works Cited page, and citations in MLA Style.

In a formal 5 page essay, (typed, double spaced). 

Using as much detail as possible, analyze and Give the significance of:   

Phillis Wheatley’s 

  1. Letter to George Washington,  
  2. Poem  
  3. Washington’s Reply  

Things to consider: 

What is the purpose of her letter and poem?  

When was it written? 

Why do you think she wrote this poem and sent it to General Washington? 

What is your general impression of the academic abilities of Phillis Wheatley?  

Was General Washington impressed with her correspondence? 

What do you think about his reply?

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