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Nestlé’s Public Relations to improve Marketing

Aretha Ribeiro Monteiro Pereira

Southern States University

February 25, 2021

Nestlé’s public relations to improve marketing

Nestle Purina is pet food that has obtained markets worldwide, making Nestle more prosperous than most of its competitors. However, the rising competition threatens to make Nestle irrelevant in its market, but the company uses global public relations through the interactive website to market its products and maintain trust. Nestle carries a strategic communication to build and maintain trust with all its clients by eye-catching campaigns and using experts to deliver what the clients expect. “Good food, Good life” is a famous quote used by Nestle to catch customers’ attention and all people who want the best diet for their pets. The quote attracts new clients while the existing ones gain more interest (Balmeo et al., 2017).

The quote, which is primarily shared in social media and other platforms, creates a craving that tells clients to rely on the company for all its pet food they need. The company makes accurate their commitment to providing good food by involving the experts to ensure that the pet food is analyzed and tested to meet all the organization’s standards and expectations. When clients buy pet food and realize that their pet grows well, their trust is gained, and they will become loyal customers’ courtesy of the quality goods delivered. The trust gained improves the firms’ overall image and makes more customers believe in Nestlé’s quote. Innovation and using E-marketing improve Nestlé’s overall image. The people who interact with Nestle will form a positive perspective about the company and look for other products that the company sells, like human food (Mialon et al. 2020). The company has existed for a long time. It has undergone both economic and political turbulence. Still, its positive quote of “Good food, Good Life” attracts more people globally who wish to use its product to improve their pets’ health. Nestlé’s positive public image through public relations is maintained by innovation and using experts in the production process.


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Nestle Purina Market Profile

Aretha Ribeiro Monteiro Pereira

Southern States University

February 3, 2021

Nestle Purina Market Profile

Nestle is a famous food processing industry which is headquartered in Vaud, Switzerland. The company traced its origin back to the late 1860s and flourished well during the First World War. The founder was Henry Nestle and focused on mergers after its merger in 1905 with the Anglo-swiss milk company (Singh, & Alazmi, 2019, October). The company has a wide range of food products, but I will focus on Purina dog food in this analysis.

The product is bought mostly by pet owners who have dogs in their compound. On average, there are 54 million households with dogs in the USA alone, with an approximation of 84 million dog pets. On a global scale, there are many pets, and all dog owners will always go for Purina. However, some specific customers would wish for chicken protein in their dog food because Purina lacks chicken protein. The food product serves all pets who require food rich in nutrients except chicken-based protein. There is a market need that the product does not meet, especially for professional pet keepers who wish to have chicken protein and natural dyes to ease their animal’s digestion. As it is currently, the artificial dyes and the absence of chicken proteins make it cause digestive problems, especially for junior pets (Singh, & Alazmi, 2019, October).

Every product solves a particular problem in the market, and Nestle Purina translates food for dogs to remain healthy. The food is very rich in protein. Most customers buy the dog feed-Purina because it is protein-rich, soft, and crunchy, which is loved by dogs for its sweet taste. The product has a wide range of prices per their packages, which start from as low as $12.52 for a 20lb bag. The prices are also customized as per the customer’s needs (Mermelstein, 2015). The product is bought throughout the year, but the sales increase during holidays when more students are at home taking care of their pets. The development enjoys market worldwide. All the contents have well-established branches where the dog food can be obtained in their currency.


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