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Lab: Respiratory

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Respiratory Lab
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Complete the following

Answer the following questions:

1. A young man presents to the ER with a pneumothorax. The right lung is collapsed but the left lung was still inflated. Explain your answer in the space below.

2. A 5 year old child announces to her parents that she is going to hold her breath until she can watch more TV. The parents are not worried. Explain why the parents are not worried.


(4 pts)

3. If Total Lung Capacity is 6000 ml and Vital Capacity is equal to 5000 ml what would the residual volume be equivalent to? (2 pt)

4. If Tidal volume = 300 ml and IRV = 500 ml what would IC equal to? (2 points)

5. What instrument do they use to perform pulmonary function tests? (1 pt)

6. Using Dalton’s law what would be the total pressure of the gases given the following: Nitrogen = 595 mm Hg Oxygen = 159 mm Hg Carbon dioxide = 1 mm Hg, Water = 1 mm Hg and Carbon = 15 mm Hg (2 pts)

7. What are the ways CO2 can be transported in the blood (2 pts)

8. What is TB? How is spread? (2 pts)

9. What is the anatomical difference between intrapulmonary pressure and intrapulmonary pressure? (2 points)

10. If a person is taking a breath inward or inhalation what direction is the diaphragm moving? (2 points)

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