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research in personality

Your topic for your article must pertain to the course material covered in this week’s readings. Below are several topics to consider: 

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  • Theorists in the Trait Approach
  • The Trait Approach
  • The Big Five Traits
  • Assessments in Personality
  • Achievement Motivation
  • Type A Personality
  • Social Anxiety
  • Emotions

PSCY3010 Research in Personality Assignment Guidelines

What type of article should I look for?

In looking for a journal article, you will select a journal article that pertains to a topic from the weekly readings. You can also search for an article related to a specific theorist

What is a research article and where do I find this?

A research article reports the results of original research, provides its contributions to the body of knowledge in a given areas and is published in a peer reviewed scholarly journal.

To locate a research article you will log into the JWU library. The following databases provide scholarly articles on a topic of your choice:

· Credo Reference

· EBSCO –Ebook Academic Collection

· Ebook-Pro-quest

· Health & Life Sciences Journal Collections

· Psyarticles

· Psychiatry online with DSM Manual

What do I look for in selecting the article?

· Make sure your article has 4 main components of a research article: introduction, methods, results and discussion.

· Make sure that the subject of the article is on a topic related to the material covered that week

· Find an article that is not too technical for you and that you understand the main points of the article.

· Read the abstract first if available to understand what the article is about.

· Do not retrieve an article that has more than 10 pages.

· Your article must be related to the topic of personality.

What is expected in my analysis?

Provide a brief analysis of the journal article you retrieved. Your analysis should be 250 words in length. In this analysis you will discuss the following:

1. Provide the rational for this study?

2. Do you agree or disagree with this study and the conclusions? Explain.

3. Formulate an insightful question and attempt to answer your own question.

4. Post a link to your journal article.

What is expected in my feedback to other students?

The purpose of this exercise is to allow students to share thoughts and opinions on a specific topic. After reading several of your peer’s postings, select one post to respond to. The following must be considered when providing feedback:

1. Provide logical and sound arguments on the research presented.

2. Do you agree or disagree with the outcome of this study and your peer’s analysis?

3. Do you have an alternative perspective on this topic? Explain.

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