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  assignment 1

Essay: Nuclear Proliferation

The proliferation of nuclear weapons is closely monitored by the international community. While the international community formally recognizes only five nuclear powers – the United States, Russia, China, France, and the United Kingdom – it is widely acknowledged that at least four others (India, Israel, North Korea, and Pakistan) currently possess nuclear weapons and one other (Iran) is attempting to develop nuclear weapons capabilities.

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Describe the current international regime governing the development of nuclear weapons, including the major agreements and treaties controlling nuclear technology. Explain why the international community generally seeks to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons. (500-750 words)  

assignment 2 

 World military spending is nearly $2 trillion every year. If you could redirect these funds, how would you use them? Would such uses be better or worse for the states involved? Do you think there is a realistic chance of redirecting military spending in the way you suggest? (150 words minimum)

assignment 3 

Human Rights: A Hollow Promise to the World?

( one paragraph )

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